Estate Agent Fees

Every property is different, so the estate agent fee you pay when selling it will depend on certain factors. 

Generally, we charge a rate of 0.75% VAT (0.75% of the final selling price) with no minimum fee.  You can rest assured that you won’t experience any hidden costs that some people are deceitfully dealt with when selling their house.

What’s more important is the level of service and benefits you get for your fee.  We insist on negotiating the best possible price for your property.  If you’re looking for honesty, transparency and a service that doesn’t cut any corners and gets you your full money’s worth and more, then we may be just the low cost estate agent that you’re looking for.

What we can do for you

Selling your house can be extremely stressful and worrisome.  You want the peace of mind that your house will sell for the price it deserves.

Well, why not let us make sure it does?

We’ll take care of the entire process, from:

  • Finding a buyer;

  • Negotiating a price, making sure it’s spot on the asking price or as close as it can be;

  • Advertising your property across established property portals, front-of-shop window cards and on our own website ensuring it receives maximum exposure;

  • Taking photos of your property for you as well as drawing floor plans, both of which massively aid the selling process.

Why choose us to sell your house?

If you’re deciding whether or not you want the responsibility of selling your property yourself, then perhaps you should know how much easier we can make the process by doing everything for you.

Rather than suffer the worry of whether you’re advertising the property correctly or you’re struggling to find buyers, arrange viewings and deal with any associated problems, you can benefit from getting someone to do it all for you at a very affordable price.

There are 5 good reasons why you should sell your property with us. We have…

  • A wealth of experience selling hundreds of various types of properties – so you can increase your knowledge by gaining ours.

  • Worked across a large area spanning Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot and Llanelli - and still continue to do so.

  • A software management system that allows all necessary marketing and promotion of your property to launch at the click of a button across numerous channels, such as our website and social media accounts.

  • A 24/7 sales policy, so an opportunity to sell your property is never missed.

  • All necessary marketing materials to do a complete selling job, including brochures which come in full colour.

But please don’t just take our word for it.  Visit our testimonials page to see how we’ve helped our customers in the past.