How much can you sell your house for?

Need a property valuation?

We can help. 

Through knowledgeable advice that stems from a combined total of 30 years working in the property industry, we can value your property and offer you a fast and realistic asking price.

Through our vast expertise and specialist knowledge of the Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot and Llanelli property markets, we can almost instantly tell you how much your house is worth.  However, we also carry out thorough research to find out the average sold house prices in your area.  That way, we can find out the exact price your property is worth and give you a direct and honest value.

Save time

Could you imagine the worry of having to carry out this entire process all by yourself?

It’s difficult to believe, but people put themselves through the stress of DIY house selling all the time. They have to do everything from erecting the signboard to negotiating the sale price, only to lose a large amount of money due to getting the asking price completely wrong.  In experience is costly, so instead of taking such a big risk, hand responsibility to someone who you can trust.

They also tend to enter the process with an over-ambitious mind-set.  Our policy of honesty and transparency ensures we work out a totally achievable and realistic price for your property.

There’s more.

After giving you a realistic price that’s as close to your initial target as possible, we take care of the entire selling process, from:

  • Marketing your property both online and offline through our website, social media channels, major property portals and high quality print brochures;

  • Conducting house viewings on your behalf;

  • Negotiating all prices and fees;

  • Drafting and writing all necessary contracts and paperwork;

  • Providing you with the essentials such as a ‘For Sale’ board;

  • Handling all sales related enquiries so your phone doesn’t ring unless it’s us telling you we’ve sold the house;

  • Working beyond the usual 9-5 business day to ensure that no selling opportunity is missed for your property.

When you choose to sell your house through us you aren’t paying for fancy big city offices.

You aren’t paying for hidden costs or excessive fees.

You aren’t paying for executives with silly titles.

You are just paying for a friendly, helpful and down-to-earth service that gets the results you want.

You’ve come this far, so why not contact us today and see if you could benefit from a property valuation?  We’re more than happy to help.